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KARAMA is an independent, non-partisan organization seeking to promote understanding of the issues facing the Arab and Islamic world, and of the Palestinian issue in particular.  KARAMA’s vision is that a fresh understanding of the hopes and aspirations of the area’s people will replace the stereotypes and distortions that dominate public discourse on the region.  We are involved in several projects to help realize this vision.  On this website you can find information about these projects and you can access resources that we have collected or created that speak to the vital issues of the Arab and Islamic World. 

Arab Film Festival in San Diego
Coming November 20-22

photos of filmms for 2015

The 2015 Arab Film Festival in San Diego is coming to the Museum of Photographic Arts on November 20-22. The film line up includes 6 feature length films and 5 shorts.

The Festival will open with The Wanted 18, a documentary from Palestine about 18 cows that the Israeli military considered to be a threat to Israeli security.

The Festival will also screen the U.S. Premier of Queens of Syria which tells the story of Syrian women refugees in Jordan who put on a production of the classic Greek Play The Trojan Women about the effects of war on women.

Other feature films include Diaries of a Flying Dog from Lebanon, From A to B fom UAE, Jordan and Lebanon, Silence of the Shepherd from Iraq and Villa Touma from Palestine. Several of the films have won awards at film festivals around the world

Screenings will also include shorts from Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon.

For information about all the films, to see trailers and to purchase tickets, click here.


KARAMA offers supplementary materials on teaching about Islam and teaching
the Palestine/Israel conflict

KARAMA has developed a packet of supplementary materials that is intended to be used as an aid in presenting the information already in seventh grade social studies textbooks.  The materials are organized into three content categories plus an overview and a list of links to additional resources.  The three categories are Introduction to Islam, Beliefs of Islam, and Islamic Achievements.  Please review these materials, and if you find them useful, feel free to download and reproduce as needed.  To see these materials, click here.

In addition, Karama offers the Lesson Outline and supplementary materials for the workshop Teaching the Palestine/Israel Conflict: A Multuple Narratives Approach developed by Dr. Samia Shoman.  To see these materials, click here.


The piece below is KARAMA's overview of the issues of the region.

The Modern History of the Arab and Islamic
World is Inseparable From Colonialism

League of Nations Mandates, 1920.

From the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, the 1917 Balfour Declaration, and the 1920's League of Nations Mandates to the contemporary occupation of Palestine and calls for "regime change," major features of the region have been imposed by the West with little regard for the rights and hopes of the people living there.

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